TI5 Quick Navigation It is now less than a month before the most anticipated Dota 2 tournament of the year. The International 2015, and we are going to look at the favorites winning the International 2015 and taking home the grand prize. A couple of months ago, people all knew that Chinese teams were […]

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Watching the International 2015 in Key Arena not an option? Watching the games in front of your pc does not sound appealing? Not to worry. Valve has set-up various pub stomps near your area for you to watch the International 2015 along with other hardcore Dota 2 fans. Attending an even is simple. Just search […]

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The fifth annual Dota 2 main tournament “The International 2015 (TI5)” has already outperformed last year’s record prize pool of 10.9 million US-Dollars two months before the start of the tournament and is currently (06/05/2015) at $ 11,388,719. Source: In the first two years (2011/2012) the prize money was at 1.6 million US-Dollars – sponsored by Valve. With the third International […]

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Team Secret has won the Beyond the Summit tournament against Evil Geniuses 3-1. Team Secret has so far dominated the tournament and bagged its second LAN tournament crown after finally winning one in last week’s RedBull Battlegrounds. In the last major tournament before the International 2015 and with 6 of the invited teams competing. The […]

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The International 2015 is now in full swing. Valve has released the ten teams invited to the International 2015. Along with some Compendium updates, the regional qualifiers invited teams and a way for relatively unknown teams to book a spot in the International 2015, the open qualifiers. There will be open qualifiers for each of […]

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The International 2015 Compendium has officially been released by Steam. This marks the start of The International 2015 season. As with the previous iterations of the Compendium, the owners will receive more items, features and other cool stuff as stretch goals are completed. A new feature on this years’ Compendium would be the coins. You […]

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Keep your calendars open and get ready to spend a lot of your hard earned cash. Valve has announced the date for the International 2015 and is releasing tickets this coming Friday, March 27, 2015. Tickets would be very hard to come by as last years’ tickets sold out within the hour of Valve releasing […]

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