Dota 2 e-sport betting guide and tips

Guide: e-sport betting with real money on Dota 2

Tips & Tricks, e-sport betting on Dota 2:
All bookies who offers betting on e-sports also gives us the opportunity to bet on Dota 2 tournament, big ones as well as smaller ones.

The most popular betting market is to bet on the match winner. A Dota 2 game always has to be won by one of the two competing teams; therefore you have a great change of placing the right bet.

Another popular betting market when it comes to Dota 2 is the handicap markets. A Dota 2 match is first to two or three games, which allow you to bet -1,5 game on the winning team if you think they are going to win with at least two games ahead of the opponent; for example 2-0 or 3-1.

Always do a solid background check

As in any kind of betting it is important to be well-prepared before placing a bet. Here you can for example find a good Dota 2 betting guide. The gamers are traveling the world to play different tournaments and some tournaments is more important than others. Therefore it might be a good idea to weigh in the fact that some teams might not be as motivated as the opponent, for example if they are playing a bigger tournament the next week.

However, as in any kind of betting we advice you to do a solid background check before placing a bet. If you are into Dota 2, betting might be a smart way to make some money.

Get started today!

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